At KARAG, we offer modern integrated bathroom equipment for homes, hotels, and people with disabilities. Our main service, in addition to providing our products, is the constant research of the international market by our people, to offer our customers products that combine quality, design and innovation at affordable prices for all.

At the same time, we provide a package of services around our products which exudes to our customers security, trust, and reliability for all the activities of the KARAG group. These virtues encourage our business associates, suppliers, employees, and others involved in working with each KARAG division.

Consequently, we can mention the services of our company:

Always support before and after the sale. For everything you need, whatever you are looking for, the company’s call center is trained with the right staff, while we implement training systematically. Contact us.

Product warranty. Of course, we cover your purchase by providing a lasting guarantee on our products. Inside each package of KARAG product you will find the guarantee form written in every language where our group of companies operates. Of course, the warranty period varies depending on the product category and is always directly related to its use by the consumer. In some cases, it reaches 35 years.

Modern online ordering system. Meeting the demands of the market and applying new technological methods, we offer our customers a modern integrated B2B ordering platform. Through this system, our customers have the ability to connect and view additional information, such as the availability of live from the corridors of the warehouse and the purchase prices of KARAG products as agreed with the responsible sales inspector of the company.

Authorized service department. Whether it is a product repair or just for help and advice, KARAG provides you with full support in all its products. Our people not only have the necessary know-how but are equipped with the right tools and spare parts for every type of work. We kindly ask the consumers of our products to contact the store of purchase of KARAG products while the authorized wholesale customers can contact the service at the email address:

Promotion and support of online stores. As we constantly listen to market movements and while there has been an increase in online sales, KARAG has prepared a series of tools for online stores that reduce operating time to a minimum, while saving money for all our authorized partners. To put it bluntly, online stores have features such as moving the entire range of items in one go through a condensed file with all the necessary information.

Distribution of printed catalog with KARAG products. These are the KARAG catalogues. All product information is in one place. You can find the latest version of each catalogue from here, going to the menu.

It would be our omission not to mention that our people are ready to respond to your every request for any issue, at any time.