Sending Christmas decorations

Sending Christmas decorations

This Christmas, as part of KARAG Corporate Social Responsibility towards the environment and society, the company created and sent a small symbolic ornament to all its customers wishing them happy holidays and a good and creative new year.

The impressive ornaments were made on the eve of the 2021 holidays by boys and girls with disabilities in two different and respectable structures in the municipality of Serres, Greece where KARAG is based. The company approached these two centers for the creative employment of children with disabilities in order to express its support in a practical way and in return received unique Christmas decorations for all its customers.

The Center for Creative Employment of Children with Disabilities (KDAP MEA) of the Public Benefit Enterprise of the Municipality of Serres undertook the creation of small wooden ornaments. It is a unit of creative employment of people with a disability rate of 35% or more. KDAP MEA is part of the action “Harmonization of Family and Professional Life” with the aim of strengthening the institution of the family and preserving family solidarity. The purpose of the Center is the creative employment, social inclusion and improvement of the quality of life of people with disabilities as well as the support of their families. To achieve the above, services are provided for safe employment and leisure use, training in self-care, development of social skills, implementation of expression programs, entertainment, speech, sports and physical education, development of social relations and family support. In addition to the activities implemented within the structure, KDAP MEA makes excursions and visits within the city and participates with the exhibition of handmade creations and with the presentation of theatrical or musical-kinetic events in various events. The structure is staffed by social workers, gymnast, physiotherapist, visual artist, social caregivers, speech therapist, musicians, playwright, guides and support staff.

At the same time, the center for creative employment of children with disabilities (KDAP MEA) “Co-Existence” undertook the construction of ornaments from pine cones which the children collected after a trip to the forest. They were decorated with other ornaments, paints and gold dust. KDAP MEA “Co-Existence” is a world full of love and respect where it helps the social integration of people with disabilities and their empowerment. Its interdisciplinary team consists of social workers, physical education coach, special support staff, psychologist, musician, special pedagogue, guide and speech therapist as it is a social welfare structure where children and adults with all forms of disabilities are creatively employed. Organizes the program of semi-autonomous living, social integration, participation in external activities with the ultimate goal of integration into the community, learning and adhering to rules of good behavior and interaction in the group, communication and social interaction with the home and the wider environment. It plays a crucial role in communicating with the family environment as well as in receiving social history. Whether on an individual or group level, actions are organized to restore some difficulty, strengthen the conquered and achieve new goals for a good physical condition and a healthy body. School readiness, study and remedial teaching for younger children, educational activities, enrichment of pedagogical and learning knowledge even for older ones, as well as work in various other fields such as mathematics, memory enhancement, comprehension, etc. Aim to increase the quality of daily life of individuals.

We would like to thank the structures for creating ornaments and for the so important work they offer to society! Have a good time in their actions.

We wish you all a happy and creative new year with health and happiness.