Kitchen sinks

Kitchen sinks

Leafing through the printed catalog of KARAG Kitchen you will find out the level of work that has been done in our effort to offer you a complete collection of Elleci granite sinks with solutions that vary and meet all quality, aesthetic, and economic requirements.

The sinks offered by KARAG are characterized by excellent properties as they are resistant to heat shock, pressure, high temperature, shocks, and scratches. They are light and sturdy, available in many designs and colors, with high hygiene characteristics.

With the innovative GPS technology patented by Elleci, the technical properties of sinks have been significantly enhanced thanks to this production process. The company can now present products with high quality features. Kitchen sinks are generally made of various materials, natural (porcelain and ceramic), stainless steel and synthetic/granite. An Elleci granite sink is made of natural granite shavings (over 80%) and acrylic resins. The higher content of natural material in the alloy ensures better quality characteristics in the sink.

In contrast the stainless-steel sink which needs special treatment to avoid scratches, the granite sink retains its beauty and shine while being easily cleaned with water and mild cleaners with a simple pass with a soft sponge. Fats and substances such as juices, salts, etc. can be removed with vinegar.

From now on, KARAG kitchen faucets, sinks and hoods can be combined very nicely with the kitchen tiles that we have, which give the kitchen space beauty and a sense of luxury.