New cabin with soft closing mechanism

KARAG is revolutionizing with the SANTORINI series of cabins. Get the most luxurious, durable and modern cabin. Its unique design perfectly highlights your space with the classic lines of profiles and a unique knob for the Greek data which covers a large area. Thus, it can be placed in any bathroom.

It is equipped with an 8 mm thick safety glass which is lined with Nano-Skin technology on both the inside and outside. Read more about technology here. The height of the cabin reaches two meters while of course the profile is made of aluminum. It does not have a lower profile, maintaining its exceptional minimal design. The door “hangs” from the upper profile while the wheels have an unlock button making the process very easy. The closure secures magnetically.

Apart from the lining of the crystal with nanotechnology on both sides, SANTORINI is the only cabin in the KARAG 2021 catalog which has a soft-close system both when opening and closing its door. The soft-close system allows the “soft” closing of the door so that the cabin is not burdened with knocks, but the same applies when opening the door, thus protecting the mechanism.

The SANTORINI cabin is available in many dimensions and two colors, chrome and black and can be combined with a stable side glass.